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How to Fix Roof Sheets?

Remember – DO NOT overtighten or under tighten your screws as this can affect the performance of the washer and prevent it from sealing correctly.

See diagram below
Fixing Sheets

Fixings used to attach roofing sheets to purlins having to be durable and able to withstand considerable wind pressures. The exact type of fixings required will depend on the roofing sheet and purlin type (either timber, light steel or heavy steel), however, we recommend self-drilling TEK screws with hex-head for optimum performance.

Self-drilling TEK screws have a drill point for drilling through the sheet and purlin before tapping into the purlin itself. Under the head is a 19mm stainless steel washer with a bonded neoprene pad that compresses to create a seal with the roof sheet. The screws can be fitted through the trough/lower part sections of a sheet’s profile, if fixing to corrugated sheets, they go through the crest/high point of the sheet’s profile using a longer screw. As in their name they are self-drilling tek screws, but if you wish you can use centre punch to indent the metal sheet at the point you want the screw to go through, to keep the screw on course when screwing it in.

We sell COLOUR CODED CAPS to blend in with the colour of your sheets.