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Installation of Steel Roof Sheets

Bushbury Cladding Ltd supply galvanised flat sheets to general public and trade.

Corrugated Steel Roof Sheets

For the installation of corrugated steel roof sheets you need to follow a few basic procedures.

Corrugated metal roof sheets should always be fitted by over-lapping by one corrugation, and we always advise to start from left to right of a building.

Fixing screws should always be screwed into the higher part of the profile when installing corrugated steel roof sheets to purlins and stitch screws are used to stitch the steel sheet to sheet or to fix to steel flashings.

Steel roof sheets can be cut on site with a nibbler tool or disk cutter but we generally ask our customers for exact sizes so we can do the cutting for them, saving them time and inconvenience.

Box Profile Roof Sheets
32/1000 Profile Roof Sheets

Box profile steel roof sheets are relatively easy to install as long as basic safety measures are followed.

Box profile roof sheets should be fitted from left to right .Our screws are to be fixed through the lower part or (valleys) of the roof sheets. Our stitch screws will stitch sheet to sheet on the overlap as in diagram below.

If installing more than one steel roof sheet in the length you will need to allow a 300mm overlap between roof sheets.

Purlin spacers should be set between 600mm - 1000mm for better support of our steel roof sheets.

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