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New Homes and Rebuilds Can’t Overlook Metal Roofs

At one time, the suggestion of adding a metal roof to a residential property may have been greeted with scepticism. The view was that steel roof sheets were only suitable for commercial properties.

Increasingly though, both new homes and renovation projects are starting to pin down the value of getting a layer of well-crafted metal between homeowners and the elements. 

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The Benefits of Metal Roofs for Homes  

There are many advantages to using metal roofs for houses, including the long life of a metal roof, the aesthetics of a metal roof and the environmental benefits of metal roofs.  

Metal roofs tend to last longer as they are made from hardwearing materials, giving the user and the homebuilder a better return on investment. Also, with so many people looking for environmental benefits from their homes, housebuilders can’t ignore the fact that this will be a unique selling point of their properties.  

Increased demand for new build homes that are ready quickly and built to a high standard means that metal roofing is at more of a premium than in previous years. Take a look at these benefits in more detail below.  

Aesthetic Value

One of the things that held metal back as a building medium for private properties was the opinion that it would look unattractive. 

However, modern engineering and production methods have ensured that metal roof sheets can now be supplied to blend in with many types and sizes of homes. 

If you have a hard time picturing this as a building material for modern homes, consider the range of metal roof sheets available, which can be fabricated to suit any architectural style, including our tile effect metal roofing sheets 

Also, the range of colours to choose from with metal sheets means you can style your homes to any unique requirement.   

Insulation and Sound Queries Answered

Another lingering misconception about using metal as a roofing medium is that it could create a noise issue. People associate it with the sound of rain hammering on older industrial buildings. 

Today’s steel roof sheets are lightweight and cost-effective, but they are also installed with solid sheathing. In addition, anti-condensation roofing sheets come with a built-in fleece membrane. 

This adds up to great sound dampening qualities and an unrivalled ability to insulate modern homes and keep heating costs down. 

Also, keep in mind that metal will reflect heat in the summer, offering even more added value from temperature control. What’s more, additional coatings can be added to make homes up to 60 degrees cooler and increase the energy efficiency of the property. 

Durability Assured

For some people, the idea of using metal as a roofing medium in a home conjures up images of rusty pieces of metal flapping in the wind. 

Galvanised steel roofing sheets are manufactured to include the latest scientific preparations to prevent rust from forming. 

This is also solid and resilient building material, meaning that metal roofs on domestic properties could well outlast the alternatives, mainly because traditional roof tiles can come loose or crack in extreme weather. 

Metal roofs have up to 60 years of lifespan with minimal maintenance, compared to asphalt shingles, which usually last between 15 and 23 years and tile roofs which last as long but typically require additional care to allow them to do so.  

Should something affect the roof, you can repair a metal roof sheet quickly and easily, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the whole structure.  

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Recyclability and Environmental Benefits  

Metal roofing sheets are typically made from recycled metals, which are more environmentally friendly than other natural options.  

What’s more, should you change your mind down the line and replace a metal roof with another material, the sheets are 100% recyclable. Steel can be recycled continuously without its fundamental properties deteriorating.  

It’s estimated that over 11 million tonnes of asphalt shingles end up in landfills, whereas metal sheets should never contribute to landfills due to their recyclability.  

Bushbury Cladding can supply tile effect roofing sheets to match the exact specifications of your new home build or refurbishment, including providing a wide range of colours, finishes, anti-condensation roofing sheets and more.

For more details on matching versatile and long-lasting steel roof sheets to your home, contact Bushbury Cladding by telephone or our handy online enquiry form.