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Reasons to Choose Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Ensuring the building you own is sufficiently protected is the number one concern for any property manager. However, whilst security and fire protection are essential for every building, these ground-level concerns can easily overshadow another severe vulnerability, the structure’s roofing.

In the UK, we all know that every building will be subjected to various forms of bad weather at any time of the year. So whether it’s strong winds, heavy snowfall or erratic rainfall, every building owner must make sure that their structure has a robust and weather-resistant roof that can protect their premises from degrading or even growing damp mould in its walls.

metal roofing sheets

How Effective Are Roofing Sheets?


When choosing the roofing materials for your building, there is a large selection, but few are as effective as metal roofing sheets. Metal roofing sheets have been a practical addition to many buildings, including commercial, industrial, and domestic.

Metal roofing sheets are widely embraced due to their significant resistance to all weather conditions. Correctly installed roofing sheets can protect any building from the worst weather without costly, long term damage. Their cost-effectiveness only matches their durability, with our corrugated metal roofing sheets designed to be a long-lasting, affordable option for any building’s protection. This durability is due to the excellent tensile strength of our steel metal roofing sheets over alternative roofing choices, and this strength can be further enhanced by choosing corrugated or box profile steel roofing sheets.

What Are Box Profile Roofing Sheets?


Box profile steel roofing sheets are a relatively modern invention, a significant upgrade to conventional corrugated steel metal roofing. This change in design has produced industry-changing results by creating the most formidable and most versatile metal roofing sheets on the market.

While the conventional corrugated steel sheets are designed around a wave-type system, the box profile design significantly enhances the strength and durability by implementing raised box pattern of flat surfaces at regular intervals. This is illustrated in the image below.

There are two types of box profiles to choose from at Bushbury Cladding, the 32/1000 and 34/1000 profiles. Both designs are adaptable, can be cut to any size and are suitable for both walls and roofs. The main difference between the two profiles is that the 32/1000 has additional raised areas. These smaller raised sections considerable increase the durability of the sheets. This profile is shown below.

For these reasons, the 32/1000 Box Profile metal roofing sheets are a top-rated product in our catalogue of metal roofing sheets.

The Advantages Of Box Profile Roofing Sheets

There are many benefits to choosing box profile steel roofing sheets. The main advantage is how economical they are for our customers due to our team’s ability to cut them to the exact length you require.

The previously mentioned durability is also a significant benefit for our customers. The average roofing only has a lifespan of roughly 15 – 25 years before it needs considerable work put into its upkeep, and this doesn’t take into account unpredictable weather conditions. Alternatively, our Box Profile metal roofing will last an impressive 60 years or more whilst still sufficiently protecting the below building from the weather. Furthermore, due to the highly effective Box Profile design, these roofing sheets can withstand substantial impacts from any flying debris in a storm without breaking or cracking, which conventional roofing struggles to achieve.

Where Are Box Profile Roofing Sheets Used?


This excellent roofing sheet design is trendy for re-roofing buildings and installing exterior cladding. With the range of finishes available, these sheets are perfectly suitable for many different environments.

Commercial warehouses, storage buildings, and covered public parking are places you’ll find these roofing sheets. In addition, the confidence that box profile steel roofing sheets bring to your building maintenance allows you to gain peace of mind even when you install them on remote buildings or structures that will be subjected to harsh weather for long periods.

Agricultural buildings, barns and livestock sheds, and garden buildings all benefit from choosing these roofing sheets over other roofing material choices.

Box Profile Roofing Sheets From Bushbury Cladding


At Bushbury Cladding, we have a great deal of experience supplying galvanised British steel box profile roofing sheets. We can provide them with a thickness gauge of 0.5mm and 0.7mm, and they can be cut up to a length of 7m. With various finishes available, including plain galvanised finish, polyester paint and a plastic leather grain coating, we are confident that you can find the exact sheet you need with us today. Please browse our available options for box profile steel roofing sheets and take advantage of the free cutting service we offer to our customers.

When you’ve decided on your specifications for your roofing sheet, you may wish to consider a unique upgrade we offer at Bushbury Cladding, anti-condensation.

Condensation is a genuine concern for buildings that need to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our special anti-condensation roofing sheets come in various designs, including box profile. The attached fleece fibre membrane is designed to absorb any built-up condensation and prevents it from developing into mould harmful to your building’s walls. This condensation evaporates once the temperature warms up, leaving your walls secure. This and other roofing sheet accessories can be found in our online store.