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Call Our Friendly Team Today On 01902 229412

Metal Roof Cladding in Bury St. Edmunds

Bushbury Cladding supply metal roof cladding and roofing sheets to our customers in Bury St. Edmunds for different types of project; these include domestic, agricultural, and commercial undertakings. Whether the task in hand is as small as a shed or as large as a barn, we are prepared to supply the necessary quantity of roofing sheets- we don’t impose a minimum order or surcharge on our customers.

Premium Steel Roofing Sheets For a Variety of Uses

Like our customers, the Bushbury Cladding team appreciate the importance of supporting the British steel industry. For this reason, we only use certified British steel in our production process.  

A popular option in our sought-after range of roofing sheets are corrugated steel roofing sheets, which is the only roof cladding permitted in some conservation areas. They are often selected for construction projects involving garages, barns and other farm buildings. We are happy to tailor our cladding to any length up to 6m, and also supply fixings with colour coded caps. The minimum roof pitch for the installation of corrugated roofing sheets is 10°- the curved design means they must be fixed from the upper section of the profile to the purling.

Corrugated roof lights, or GRPS, are also an addition worth considering; their custom design makes them a great fit with either a corrugated roof or a box profile roof. Our customers find them ideal for industrial premises, shops and farm buildings. They can be installed using exactly the same fixings that are used on our roof sheets too, so they’re highly convenient.   

Contact Bushbury Cladding for Metal Roof Cladding in Bury St. Edmunds

Bushbury Cladding are committed to transporting your metal roofing sheets to Bury St. Edmunds in 7 to 14 days after processing your order, so you can get on with your project without delay. However, if you require your roofing sheets even sooner, then feel free to collect them from our headquarters, located near to the motorway in the West Midlands. If you would like to place an order, or learn more about exactly what we can bring to your project, please call 01902 229412 or leave your details via our online contact form