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Call Our Friendly Team Today On 01902 229412

Metal Roof Cladding in Liverpool

Bushbury Cladding are delighted to offer their high-quality metal roof cladding and sheets to our customers in Liverpool. Based in the West Midlands, our scope has increased in recent years to cover many other regions. The specific needs of our customers vary greatly, so we manufacture and supply cladding for use on a wide range of industrial, commercial, and domestic projects. We are well placed to offer you any help you may need to solve your roofing-related queries, and also supply you with the correct metal roof cladding option for your situation.  

Manufactured from Premium Quality British Steel

The roofing sheets you choose will depend on the precise nature of your project. For example, tile effect roofing sheets combine style and hard-wearing versatility to complete the look of your shed or summerhouse. The lightweight design makes this roof sheeting very easy to install, and it is regarded as a cost-effective alternative to a traditional roof by contractors and individuals alike. We will cut your roofing into sizes of up to 6m in length to meet the precise specifications of your project. The thickness of this roofing sheet is 0.5mm, and it’s finished with either a plastic coating or polyester paint - you can choose the colour that best suits your roof.

We realise that you’ll need a way to secure your roof sheets to the structure of your roof, so we have specific options at our disposal. Our selection of self tapping Tek screws is designed to help. We provide self-tapping 32mm and 45mm timber Tek screws for use on timber batons and purlins, self-tapping Tek screws to be used in conjunction with galvanised  Z- purlins, and 22mm self-tapping stitch screws that are used to attach flashings to roof sheets, so you’ll have plenty of solutions to choose from.

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Bushbury Cladding aspire to supply our Liverpool-based customers with their roofing sheets in a 7 to 14-day period. We also welcome the collection of your order from our headquarters in the West Midlands, if you need it sooner. We are always pleased to share the knowledge we have accrued over the years with our customers, so if you would like to place an order or want some advice, please just call 01902 229412, or leave your details for us in our simple contact form.