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Roof Flashings

Metal Roof Sheet Flashings

We manufacture our flashings right here in the heart of the Midlands to the best of standards so that you can give your roof a finish that is reliable and resilient. The standard size of our metal roof flashings is 3 metres in length. We use flat sheets to make the flashings and these are available in plain galvanised, polyester paint or PVC coated. We can match our flashings to the colour of your roof and if you’d like some extra strength then we can supply the flashings with welted edges.

Barge Flashings

barge flashingsOnce your roof has been laid, barge flashings must be attached to the edges. They have the role of deflecting wind away from roof sheets to prevent them from blowing away as well as being an additional barrier against water breach. Typically, barge flashings are made with a 90 degree angle at the bend but we can make them to our customers' individual requirements.

Ridge Flashings

Ridge flashings are another essential component in a well-built sheet roof that is used on apex roofs to protect the join along the ridge and provide a better finish. Similar to barge flashings, these flashings are essential to maintain a strong roof structure (preventing wind from getting under the roof sheets and causing lift as well as protecting the roof from water instrusion from the apex joint). Typically these are made with a 10 degree angle in standard 3 metre lengths, but they can also be customised for your individual needs.

Barge Flashings

barge flashings

Barge flashings are used to finish the edges

Folded to a 90 degree bend giving an 200mm x 200mm or 150mm x 150mm, in standard 3 metre lengths.

Ridge Flashing

ridge flashings

Ridge flashing are used to cover the apex of a building

Folded to 130 degree with a standard a 3 metre in length

Also available

  • Verge flashing
  • Drip flashing
  • Inverted flashings (up to wall)

All roof sheet flashings can be custom made to customer requirements!

roof flashings

Contact Us for Roof Sheet Flashings

collection of roof sheet flashings

When it comes to roof sheet flashings it is important that you use the best quality to avoid any problems with your sheet roofing in the future, such as leaks and moved sheets. Our cheapest and smallest unit size available to order is £20.00.

If you need flashings for your roof then look no further than us. Here at Bushbury Cladding Ltd we have been manufacturing and supplying the best roof sheets and related parts for over six years and that’s why can provide the best service to our customers. If you’d like more information about what we can provide you, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01902 229 412.