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Call Our Friendly Team Today On 01902 229412

Metal Roofing Sheets in Hampshire

As a truly nationwide, family run company, Bushbury Cladding Ltd is dedicated to providing roofing sheets in Winchester and Hampshire. Our growing clientele within the city and wider county means that we are committed to providing those within the area with the highest quality roofing sheets for their needs; whether that be domestic, industrial or commercial.

All of our roofing sheets for Winchester and Hampshire are crafted from certified British steel. This is to ensure that our customer base always receive a product that is of the highest quality, durability and longevity possible. Furthermore, we offer our clients the opportunity to choose from an array of styles, finishes and colours to allow you to pick a style that matches the aesthetics you require.

The range of styles and colours that you are able to choose from varies greatly to enable you to pick something that is perfect for your particular needs. For instance, corrugated styles are popular for agricultural functions, whereas our tile style roofing sheets enable members of the general public to purchase a durable finish to their garage that fits in with the wider surroundings.

We are committed to delivering our roofing sheets to Winchester and Hampshire in an efficient and swift manner. Therefore, your order will usually arrive within 7 to 10 days of us receiving your order. If you would prefer to collect your roofing sheets, however, you are more than welcome to visit our base in the West Midlands where we will be happy to provide you with your product.

For more information about how Bushbury Cladding Ltd can help create a roofing solution for you, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts by calling the number at the top of this page. You are also invited to call or e-mail us should you have any questions about the best type of roofing sheet for your needs. This includes picking a finish, whereby we are able to provide you with colour samples upon request.