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Summer Tips for Metal Roofing

We all enjoy the benefits that the summer months bring. The bad winter weather is behind us, so the chances of crazy weather are significantly reduced. This makes the summer months an excellent time to check the status of your home and see if any issues developed during the harsh winter weather.

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Why Is Preventative Roof Maintenance Vital?


Preventative maintenance around the home is a vital task that shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it comes to the roof. However, conducting these maintenance checks during lousy weather will be very unpleasant; we recommend taking advantage of the great weather to make these checks easier.

Corrugated roofing sheets have inherently high durability regarding weather resistance, but even the highest resistance needs to be checked occasionally. Failing to monitor the condition of your metal roofing will lead to minor imperfections developing into significant problems. For example, insignificant cracks may seem fine during summer, but in winter, they will grow significantly and could lead to holes that can let the bad weather in.

Ensuring the quality of your metal roofing is a crucial investment. This way, you can find any issues early and resolve them before they become costly. Also, by confirming the state of your roofing, you are investing in your own peace of mind, allowing you to be confident in your roof’s ability to withstand anything the next winter can throw at it.

What To Look For With Metal Roofing

metal roofing cleaning

With lower-quality roofing sheets, more maintenance is required throughout the year. With increased maintenance, costs are increased alongside the concern that leaks or moisture may be able to get through and can cause permanent damage to your building. That is why we ensure that the metal roofing sheets we provide are of the highest quality, ensuring our customers a product that will last them decades.

One of the many benefits of steel roofing sheets is that they generally require little maintenance. But you should regularly check for any signs of oxidation or rust. Even small rust patches will become a problem once the inevitable wet weather exacerbates them. You must find the source of the rust to eliminate all of it and prevent it from reoccurring. Quite often, it’s something attached to the roof sheets; old antennas or pipes are often a source of rust that then spreads to the adjacent metal roofing sheets creating collateral damage. Another way rust can start on your roofing is migrant filings blown in the wind. Cleaning these areas thoroughly with a compatible rust remover spray will be very effective at eliminating it.

Check The Flashings


Due to their proximity to the roof, any issues that develop will inevitably happen to the flashings. First, check whether there are any voids or gaps between these flashings and the metal roof sheets.

A roof’s integrity is essential for maintaining the building below, including the flashings. Transition points are the most vulnerable to damage from bad weather. Roof to-wall joints, plumbing and attached guttering are all places where connections can rust and seams can split, making them the vulnerabilities of your durable metal roofing.

If you find unfortunate gaps, we recommend resealing them as soon as possible. A temporary solution should be applied in the meantime. Applying sealant is an effective solution. Replacing the flashing is the best choice to prevent further damage, but the sealant should help limit the spread until you can replace it. At Bushbury Cladding, we manufacture high-quality metal roof flashings in variable lengths and coatings to suit any of our customer’s needs.

Check For Condensation

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Metal roofing is a great conductor of heat. During these warmer days, the metal will help transfer heat from outside to the interior, creating an even temperature. Unfortunately, summers are not always consistent. We are all familiar with random rainstorms that break a heatwave, and these cooler days will create a temperature difference between the metal roofing and the interior. Without assistance, the interior will remain warmer than the outside for a long time. Even the tiny difference between a warm day and a cold night can be enough to start it. This creates unexpected condensation on the colder metal that can lead to significant problems.

Installing ventilation can significantly reduce this problem. By installing wall or window vents, you can create a consistent airflow that helps mediate the internal temperature, so the difference with the outside is negligible—a great solution during summer but one to be monitored once we return to winter.

Another choice is to choose anti-condensation roofing sheets specially designed to eliminate this harmful problem. As heat rises, most condensation will be found on the underside of the roof, where it will collect until it seeps into the surrounding walls or any wooden beams creating destructive dampness. The anti-condensation roofing sheets we supply come with a special membrane that absorbs this developing moisture like a sponge. This membrane is separated from your walls and roof sheets and isolates this wetness. This protects the surrounding area until the temperature outside increases again, and the contained water is evaporated back into the air.

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At Bushbury Cladding, we specialise in providing the highest quality metal roofing for any environment, whether industrial, commercial or domestic.

Browse our product range online today, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team directly.