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The Major Benefits Of Using Corrugated Steel Roof Sheets

Galvanised roofing sheets have always been a popular choice for business owners, but they have become a popular option for many homeowners. This is due to its many benefits, with some homeowners altogether ditching their roof tiles and choosing to upgrade to corrugated roof sheets.

At Bushbury Cladding, we manufacture and supply the highest quality corrugated steel roof sheets made from full prime British steel. Below we explore the major benefits of using corrugated steel roof sheets and why they may be the better option for you.

corrugated steel roof and sky


A corrugated roof made from steel or aluminium will not just last for many years but will provide your building with protection for many decades. The corrugated steel roof sheeting we provide at Bushbury Cladding will last at least a hundred years with proper maintenance.

Fortunately, corrugated steel roof sheets will need minimal maintenance over the years. However, taking the time to clean the adjacent gutters regularly of debris will go a long way to maintaining the quality of your roof. Keeping the aesthetic look of your roof looking its best will require more maintenance.

Taking the time to re-apply the paint on your corrugated steel roof sheets will significantly improve its look and is vital for smaller buildings where the roof will be prominent. Still, even this maintenance is only needed every couple of years and is unnecessary for taller or more industrial buildings.

Quiet and Eliminates Water Buildup

This type of metal roof sheet is always best built on a slope to help water run downwards and away from your home.

Some homeowners may be slightly hesitant about installing corrugated steel sheets, as they think they will amplify the sound of the rain. This is simply not true, as there is no sound difference between traditional clay roofs and modern corrugated steel roofing sheets.

fam building with corrugated steel roofing empty

Tough Yet Lightweight

Corrugated roofs are flexible, durable, and incredibly lightweight, so many homeowners like to use them. As corrugated steel sheets are light, this means that they are relatively easy to handle and install. It also means that they do not put undue weight on the building’s structure.

Can Cope with Adverse Weather Conditions

Corrugated steel roofing sheets can survive all weather conditions. They cope remarkably well with storms, hailstorms, and torrential rain and frost. Once they have been correctly installed and finished, they provide a protective barrier and shelter to your home, with the added benefit of never rusting.

You can also get insulated roof sheets for garages, workshops, warehouses and sheds where people work during the winter months, which will help keep them warm. You can find out more information on our insulated roofing sheets here.

Corrugated steel roofs do not rot, unlike other types of roofing material. Once installed, the metal will look as good as new for many years. Most of these metal sheets are also coated with a protective chemical when used for roofing purposes to stop the formation of algae.

Environmentally sustainable

With the significant changes in manufacturing, it’s common now that metal roofs are recyclable. At Bushbury Cladding, we are committed to embracing these environmentally friendly initiatives. That is why we make sure that as much as 40% of the materials we use are from recycled sources.

buildings with corrugated steel roofing

Adaptable uses

The variety of choices for corrugated steel roof sheets has made it popular in many buildings despite their different roles. The previously mentioned benefits have made the metal roof sheets we provide at Bushbury Cladding a familiar sight for roofing everything from:

  • Commercial buildings such as workshops, storage buildings and nature adventure parks
  • Industrial and agricultural buildings such as farm barns, sheds and garages
  • Domestic buildings such as summer houses, dog houses and carports.

The aesthetic choices you have when choosing a  roof sheet from Bushbury Cladding, combined with the inherent durability of their steel, make them a fantastic alternative over other roofing to protect a building from the weather.

If you have a building that you feel could do with increased protection from any harmful weather, please browse our options for corrugated steel roof sheets here. Or, if you wish to explore our other roofing products, such as our insulated roofing sheets, please feel free to browse our complete range of options online.

At Bushbury Cladding, we understand that every building will require something perfect for them, something unique to meet their needs. Discovering what your building needs are important to us, so we offer no minimum order or surcharge with customer orders.

As roof sheets experts, we can provide a range of finishes, sizes and variable thicknesses for our sheets. So whether you need any thickness from 0.5mm to 0.7mm, up to 6m in length and finished with either Polyester paint or PVC plastisol, we are confident that we have what you need.

If you’re unsure about the best roofing for your building, you can either fill in our online contact form or call us today on 01902 229412, and one of our team will eagerly answer all your questions.