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Why Metal Roofing Improves Sustainability

For years, the UK has been moving toward supporting more eco-friendly choices to improve sustainability and increase our environmental care. This has been practically implemented in many ways, including metal roofing for buildings.

Metal roofing has many benefits that support environmentally friendly initiatives compared to standard roofing choices, leading to an increased popularity in sustainable home builds. But unfortunately, the success of this roofing is not widely known.

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Recycled Materials

Metal roofing sheets are made from various metal materials such as zinc, lead, aluminium and stainless steel. As much as 40% of metal roofing sheets are from recycled materials, which not only lowers the cost but also significantly lowers the environmental impact of manufacturing new ones. Additionally, if these metal roof sheets need replacing, they can be sustainably recycled to create more roof sheets. Metal roofing is also supported as a green building practice due to this recycling process.

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Enhanced Durability

Recycled materials are not the only sustainable aspect of metal roofing sheets. The durability of metal roofing is unparalleled, and this durability ensures a long lifespan, thereby eliminating the environmental cost of creating new sheets.

We at Bushbury Cladding invest in the best steel roofing sheets, such as our box profile, tile effect and corrugated roofing sheets. This is because we are confident that these roofing sheets will be a long-lasting, sustainable roofing material guaranteed to be a successful choice for our customers.

Metal roofs will last much longer than standard roofing materials. However, conventional roofing will need maintenance often, and it’s recommended that they are removed every 15-23 years. On the other hand, metal roofing will last for an impressive 60 years or more.

Tile and slate roofs don’t have the durability of a metal roof. During extreme weather, tiles can be loosened or removed completely, leaving your highest room vulnerable to the elements. Our steel roofing sheets are resistant to all weather types and cope remarkable well in destructive storms. They are also malleable, so they can be relied upon to continue keeping the weather out even if impacted by a falling object. Durable tile effect roofing sheets are an excellent alternative as they can convey the desired aesthetics whilst being lighter than standard tiles.

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Compatible With Solar Panels

One of the important choices you can make to become genuinely eco-friendly is to support renewable energy. Roof-mounted solar panels are a great way to accomplish this. Installing solar panels on a conventional roof will be tricky, but metal roofing will make this more straightforward. Concealed fastener roofs use a mounting system that clamps onto the raised standing seams across its length; this mounting system is quick and eliminates potential roof damage from the installation.

Solar panels need almost no maintenance during their 30-year lifetime. Because of this longevity, you want to make sure you mount them on a roof that doesn’t need repairing earlier. Removing your panels for roof repairs and re-mounting them is tedious and expensive. All our metal roofing sheets will outlast solar panels by decades, ensuring you can avoid this problem.

You want the most sun possible to maximise your solar panel’s input, but this will increase the building temperature significantly. Fortunately, metal roofing is an excellent choice for repelling the sun’s rays, reducing that heat, and keeping the structure below cooler without needing expensive air-conditioning. This can also be improved with a reflective coating as a finish.

Improved EPC

Sustainability isn’t just limited to the environmental material cost. It’s also connected to the energy costs of the building. EPC rating regulations state that a building must rate a B or better to be considered sustainable, with an E grade being unacceptable. Metal roofing sheets can have a substantial effect on the building below, improving both its energy conservation as well as reducing waste.

We also offer a fantastic option for wetter seasons to remove harmful condensation from your metal roofing; our anti-condensation roofing sheets. Condensation can trickle down into your walls or be soaked into your trusses. Letting condensation build-up underneath your roof will lead to destructive mould and rot that permanently damage your walls. Our steel roofing sheets have the option of an added anti-condensation membrane that can absorb this rogue moisture and hold it until a warmer day heats the roof and evaporates it, drying the membrane. This can be applied to any of our roofing sheets, either tile, corrugated or box profile.

Our insulated roof sheets can help improve your building heat retention during colder months. This is thanks to our innovative manufacturing process that uses a double layer of insulation to minimise heat loss through a building’s roof. This superior roofing is highly effective in lowering your energy bills, which in turn not only helps you save financially but also reduces your carbon footprint. As a bonus, they can be a sound insulator also, so you’d never know if it was raining outside.

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Quality Steel Roofing Sheets From Bushbury Cladding

At Bushbury Cladding, we believe in the importance of pursuing environmentally friendly attitudes and exploring new ways of being sustainable. That is why we ensure that all the steel roofing sheets we sell are of the highest quality so that our customers and the environment can benefit as a result.

Please browse our catalogue of high-grade metal roofing sheets online.